It is transformational.

Most people journey the road of life via inertia without looking more than a few small steps ahead. Tap into the timeless wisdom of Torah technology. Live a life by design and unlock your true inner potential in a healthy organic way.
You have one life to get it right.
Don’t blow it.

The ultimate selfie.


We are all influenced by our surroundings. We run after things all of our lives without a conscious understanding of what motivates us. Take inventory and identify your true self and design your world from the inside out. 


Take action. Design your world.


Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I met my closest friends in Boston at jpulse.


Research Assistant, Mass General Hospital

We met each other at jpulse and we’re building a Jewish home together.

Many Happily Married Couples:)

…For the first time in my life Judaism is as intellectually rigorous as my physics.


PhD, Harvard University

Every minute that I spend with jpulse is a step forward in my personal growth.


PhD, Tufts University

We vlog it.

Our video blogs are fun, insightful and at times a bit off the wall.

Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are? You’re a Child Sibling Parent Grandchild Grandparent Uncle or aunt Friend Niece or nephew Employee Neighbor Citizen But who are you? Really? More than twenty years ago when I was procrastinating for the CPA exam I stumbled upon the...

The Trappings of Honor

The world distracts and tugs and pulls us in so many directions. Tap into a timeless perspective of immeasurable relevance in every generation. What is it that you truly seek?  

What Beyonce doesn’t know

Its always fun grabbing lunch with friends. We grabbed a bite to eat with Val Bekker at Cafe Eilat. Val asked a great question..."The Torah sages have given some sound advice over the ages, where do the sages get their wisdom from?" So many...

How to Deal with Stress

Stress gets the best of everyone. It manifests itself at work, at home, with relationships, and with community. In this episode we take a closer look at stress and hear some productive ways to channel the stress we feel every day. 

Life is One Big Airport

Life is one big airport. Everyone has had that awkward experience looking for your gate. One of my mentors compared this to adolescence where your trying to find yourself. Unfortunately, many people never outgrow this stage of life. It takes...

Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life

When we heard of the brutal murder of 11 congregants of the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh, MA, we were all shocked. Within 24 hours we hosted a discussion session at jpulse and we had a minyan to pray. We then proceeded to the Boston...

Visiting the Insightful

"This illness that I've had, its given me time to reflect. I mean, here I am at 80 years old thinking of how to change. It's not as if its so much out of necessity. Its as if G-d has given me this gift of this time to reflect... before I leave...