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Personal Mentorship

Remove the bottlenecks in your life and discover an entire world.

Career Building

Guidance, insight and inspiration for founders and executives.

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Attending A Shabbat Meal

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Personal Meetings with a Rabbi

Goal Setting

Hit the target with healthy and realistic goals that increase your confidence and satisfaction.

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Meet new people using deeper conversational skills and a growth mindset.


Its complicated:)

Career Advising

Most people spend most waking hours making a “living.” Alignment and balance is crucial to living life by design and retiring on time.

What Is a Mentor?

A mentor is not a therapist or mental health professional. A mentor is someone who doesn’t need to dig into the past or old wounds to understand who you are and what your goals are.  A mentor is someone who without respectfully asks questions without any agenda other than to help you and empowers and enables you sort through your thoughts so you can design your own game plan forward. A mentor is someone who cares about your well being and isn’t afraid to have the difficult conversations.

Design your actionable steps forward and road map towards living your life by design.


Who Is a Mentor For?

Everyone needs a mentor.  High performer excel in some aspects of life but find themselves spinning their tires in other areas that are often equally or even more important to them. A mentor is for people seeking to learn more and remove hinderances in a healthy organic way. Are you. ready to put in the effort that it takes to get there?  Life has other portfolios than those on Wall Street. This is why so many people seek more light and balance in their lives. The timeless wisdom of Torah provides a unique perspective to more deeply understand not just the complex world around us, but also the deep and powerful world within us.

How does it work?

I look forward to working with you.  Here are a few key things to keep in mind so we can hit the ground running. This is not a lunch date vibe . We are meeting with a specific purpose and I want to be super respectful of your time and ensure that you get the most value from our time together. I am not a therapist or mental health professional  and do not work with clients on their acute pathology. Things do get personal at times but only with your permission and there is no need to open old wounds to design a healthy and actionable plan forward towards your goals. You are not just a body nor are you only a soul. You are a complex hybrid with incredibly complex instruments and machinery which requires a more holistic approach  so that your entire being is moving forward in harmony.

1. Is this therapy?

No. This is not therapy (although it may feel therapeutic at times). It can be deep work but not in the mental health professional sense. I am not a mental health professional. Your privacy is important to us and we don’t share your information. Through conversation during the first phase of our time together we may get into some personal things but you are always in complete control and are able to decline sharing things you don’t feel comfortable sharing. It is important that you’re comfortable and you certainly don’t need to share anything private.

2. How long will it take to see results?

Great question. It really depends on what we’re trying to solve. Some people are working on their search for the soul mate and others are working on strengthening certian attributes (e.g. confidence, assertiveness, etc.). There will be tangible measurable goals and you can opt out at any time. However, don’t expect change overnight. 

3. What is the time commitment?

Every person has different goals and circumstances. In general you can expect to work together for two to six months. Of course there is not blanket rule and some will be longer engagements. The weekly time commitment will also vary depending on the goals. Sometimes we’ll meet for more than an hour and other times less depending on the week. We’ll also spend time back and forth on whats app and you can expect actionable steps towards accomplishing your goals throughout the week.

4. Can I opt out at anytime?

Sure thing. You may opt out at any time.

5. What if I have more questions?

No problem at all. Everyone is different. Hit me up for a phone call, zoom or a coffee or something and we can discuss.



Often times we need a fresh perspective to stop spinning our tires, set healthy goals and succeed.

More Details

I bring a diverse background as a C.P.A. and rabbinic professional who has seeded and built multiple social start ups. My clients are often trying to take their current job to the next level or are contemplating a change, often starting their own business. This wholistic approach to career is unique because it incorporates not just the “how to” of starting your own business, but also addresses the deeper “why” work in general. 

I have also worked with global foundations and sat on think tanks for the Israeli government.


Relationships require harmony to yield happiness. 

More Details

Today people face unprecedented challenges meeting new people but at the same time there is unprecedented interconnectivity. People also think that once they meet their partner in life, they will live happily ever after. Although the journey can at times be disheartening it is very helpful to have someone you can not only confide in but someone you can learn from. The journey should always be filled with fun and meaning and should be a journey that will catalyze healthy personal growth and development and increases self knowledge.

It feels good to grow by giving to others.


Life is a box of chocolates… but you often do choose what you get. 

More Details

How is it possible that one hundred people might witness an event but no two people will perceive it in the same light. Everyone has unique finger prints and similarly we all experience our different inner worlds. This inner world influences us far more than we’d care to acknowledge. Many people needlessly feel discomfort or even pain for no reason other than they can’t seem to get out of their own way. Torah provides insight into the human fabric and everyone can glean from its wisdom. We identify different perspectives and growth mindsets in which to approach life by exploring and contrasting different lenses.

About Me

I’m passionate about helping everyone take meaningful steps forward in their lives. Judaism isn’t about what check boxes you select on dating apps or what 20th Century movements you were raised in or estranged from. Judaism is about growing closer to your self, your community and that mysterious thing some people call “the Universe.”

Life is precious. You’ve got one chance.

Don’t blow it:)



“Every minute that I spend with jpulse is a step forward in my personal growth.”  – G. PhD, Tufts University

We met each other at jpulse and we’re building a Jewish home together.”  – Many Happy Couples:)

“…For the first time in my life Judaism is as intellectually rigorous as my physics.”   –  D.   PhD. candidate, Harvard University

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