Oct 03

Sukkos Holiday Meals Sign Up!

Chag Somayach! Tap into the Festival and find out why this Holiday is called the “time of our happiness.”

Sign up below for a holiday meal.

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Oct 02

Stew and Brew! Yom Kippur: Deepen your experience

Talk tonight

Join us tonight for a talk on Yom Kippur as Rabbi BenMergui deepens our  understanding of this very awesome day of forgiveness, renewal, and inspiration for the year to come.


8:00 pm Talk

9:00 pm Maariv

9:15 pm Stew and Brew



For more on our learning programs at JPULSE click here.

Both Men and Women are welcome…duh.


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Sep 30

Shabbos @ JPULSE Oct. 24th – In honor of The Shabbos Project We’re Keeping It Together


Warning: These events sell out well in advance. Get tickets now.

In honor of the Shabbos Project we’ll be keeping it together Fri. Oct. 24th. Join us for a feast fit for royalty. Meet old friends and new as we enjoy the majesty of Shabbos.


6:45 p.m. Mincha & High Energy Kabbalat Shabbat

7:45 p.m. Meet & Greet

8:15 p.m. FeastOCR_2129_TSP_ProfilePic_Shabbos


$20 registration required. Tickets will not last!
register now


Join us Sat. at 11:15 am for a Kiddush/Luncheon.


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Sep 30

Blessing Children Before Yom Kippur

Some people bless their children every night, some have the custom to bless on Fri. night, and some don’t have the custom to bless their children at all. However, everyone blesses their children before Yom Kippur. There is a custom to bless our children before Yom Kippur since the children will also be more receptive due to the awe of the day.

Thank you to Afikim Foundation for this beautiful print of the blessing with English translation and transliteration.




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Sep 30

New Years Resolution? Stop being a bystander in Jewish life!

Don't be a bystander“If you’re happy with your level of Jewish practice, then you’re not an ‘Orthodox’ Jew!” proclaimed one of my revered teachers more than a decade ago. Torah demands that we constantly strive to perfect ourselves. How do you transform yourself from being a bystander to being a vibrant participant in Torah? The answer is simple. Stop reading about Torah in the blogosphere and start learning the Torah itslef. Everyone is clicking and blogging and posting about the most recent strain of the most recent movement. Some try to feed you delicious fish because you don’t take the time to learn how to fish for yourselves. Too many times, we lecture about Torah and about Torah learning but fail to engage directly with the Torah itself. The time is now. Learn Torah directly.

Is our Night Yeshiva is too much for your schedule? No problem. Contact your learning partner and set up a time. If you don’t have someone to contact, I’ll find you one.

To drive this point home, check out a video from a former Gemara rabbi of mine….he’s amazing and he is like this all the time by the way:)


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Sep 28

Kiddush @ JPUSLE: Shabbos DOUBLE Wedding Celebration Oct. 18th

Kiddush @ JPULSE banner - CopyJoin us as we wish Mazal tov to two very special couples on there upcoming wedding! Both grooms will be called up to the Torah in honor of their upcoming wedding week.

Double Shabbos Aufruf

Eric Greene and Dalia Cohen

Josh Walovitch and Jasmine Freehoff



74 Corey Road, Second Floor, Brighton, MA 02135


9:00 a.m. Shacharis (down stairs on the first floor with the New Ashkenaz Minyan)

11:15 a.m. Kiddush (upstairs on the second floor at JPULSE)



Contact: info@jpulse.org


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Sep 24

Eruv Tavshilin from ArtScroll

Click here to download the Eruv Tavshilin from Artscroll.

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Sep 23

What does Sukkot have to do with Messianic times and War?

The Prophet Zecharia explains that the survivors of the “War of Gog and Magog” will come to the King, Hashem…and celebrate Sukkot.” But what is the connection between this great war and Sukkot? The answer can be found in the name of Gog himself.

According to the prophecy, Gog who is from a land called Magog is to wage war against Israel during a time that Israel is in the Land and prospering. Gog’s name says it all. Gog is spelled the same as Gag which means roof. The roof shields those underneath it from the influences of the heavens (e.g. rain, snow, etc.). Gog attempts to prevent people from recognizing the source of all Blessing, the Almighty. The roof of the Sukah does not block the heavenly influences and thus become the subject of Gog’s war. Interestingly enough, the numerical equivalent of Gog UMagog is 70 correlating to the seventy nations.

For more on this, click here.

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Sep 22

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur 5775 Sign up

Sign up here…


If you don’t see a form, CLICK HERE
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Sep 17

VID: Mother of a murdered Israeli teen

An important message from the Mother of a murdered Israeli teen, Rachelle Fraenkel. In a powerful message of unity she points out that, “We went out searching for the boys and we discovered ourselves.” May we continue to stay strong together in 5775 and may it be a year filled with growth and betterment for the individual and the Jewish people as a whole.


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