Apr 18

Public Service Announcement from Boston Police Department

Dear Friends,
I received this important announcement from our friend Sergeant Michael O’Hara of the Boston a Police Department. We truly are blessed to live in a city which we are able to practice our religion freely. I’d like to give a big shout out to Sergeant O’Hara and the Boston Police for keeping our streets safe and making the city of Boston a stronger community.

Wishing you a happy, meaningful and safe Passover holiday,
JP Katz


Good Morning, On Monday the Boston Marathon route closes at about 9:00 AM in Brighton/Boston. With the Marathon event landing on the Last Day of Passover we have made arrangements for those attending Temple Services in Brighton and living in Brookline to cross the route at Beacon St. and Ayr Road. (Tedeschi’s to CVS). The Boston Police Officers at that location will be briefed and will cross walkers when safe to do so. Due to security requirements patience, commonsense and safety will be required by all. Happy Passover & Be Safe!

Michael C. O’Hara, Police Sergeant-Supervisor
Boston Police District 14-Community Service Office
301 Washington St.
Brighton, MA 01235

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Apr 07

Sell Chametz (leaven) for Passover

Click here to download a form to sell your Chametz (leaven) this Passover.

Email us for details about the next step.

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Apr 06

MULTIPLEX: Don’t let Passover Pass you by

PESSACH_THUMBMultiplex Wed., Apr. 9th

Don’t let Passover pass you by. Join us this wed. night for a delicious dinner and a fun and informative talk at JPULSE as we explore Passover in preparation for the big festival starting Mon. night, Apr. 14th.

7:30 p.m. Dinner

8:00 p.m. Talk w Rabbi Yonason Rodkin



Need a place for Passover Seder?

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Apr 03

Tribute to Esther Bas Avraham

photo (16)

This post is a tribute to Esther Bas Avraham, my grandmother of blessed memory, of whom I have too many fond  memories to list here. One particular memory is her love for speaking yiddish and her teaching my younger sister this song among others. I remember the melody clearly. Recently, one of our precious students sent me the lyrics to the song which are equally as beautiful. My grandmother merited that all of her 16 great-grandchildren are Jewish and the majority of them are currently or will be learning Torah daily in Torah day schools both here and in Israel.

Check out the lyrics to this special song below and enjoy this rendition I found on Youtube. I’d also like to take this time to thank all those who came to the shiva house, to Rabbi Miller and Etz Chaim of Sharon who tirelessly helped make minyanim at the house, and to all those offered their condolences. I’d also like to recognize those (names listed below) who made generous donations to our important work at Jewish PULSE of Boston in the merit of Esther Bas Avraham.

Oyfn Pripetchik

On the hearth, a fire burns,

And in the house it is warm.

And the rabbi is teaching little children,

The alphabet.


See, children, remember, dear ones,

What you learn here;

Repeat and repeat yet again,

“Komets-alef: o!”

Learn, children, with great enthusiasm.

So I instruct you;

He among you who learns Hebrew pronunciation faster -

He will receive a flag.

Learn children, don’t be afraid,

Every beginning is hard;

Lucky is the one has learned Torah,

What more does a person need?

When you grow older, children,

You will understand by yourselves,

How many tears lie in these letters,

And how much lament.

When you, children, will bear the Exile,

And will be exhausted,

May you derive strength from these letters,

Look in at them!


Special Blessings and thanks for your generous donations:

Staurt  and Sarah Radonsky

Ellen and Richard Mazow

Marcia and Kenny Weiss

Lilian Savage

Enid Cosman

Newton and Anita Seder

Ronna and Michael Baskin


Lisa and Barry Fireman


John Connors, Jr.


May all those who are mourning be comforted among the other mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim. May we all share in happy occasions together in the future soon.

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Mar 18

Wine Tasting @ JPULSE

Make it 4 DELICIOUS cups this Passover!

Join a full house of friends @ JPULSE for a fun night of wine tasting and save 20% just down the street at Brookline Liquor Mart. We will hear from wine experts about each bottle. Also, Rabbi Yonasan Rodkin will share a few fun thoughts on what makes wine kosher and some deep foundational concepts revealing why wine is so special in Jewish practice. Light hors d’oeuvres will be served.



Date: Apr. 2nd

What: Wine tasting, single malt, Sammy Adams, and hors d’oeuvres

Where: JPULSE, 74 Corey Road, 2nd Floor, Brighton, MA 02135

Cost: $10

register now


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Feb 20

Shabbos @ JPULSE Mar. 14th


Fri. night feast!

Join 60 friends (20′s & 30′s) for a feast fit for royalty. Meet old friends and new as we enjoy the majesty of Shabbos. Special guest TBA.


6:30 p.m. Mincha & High Energy Kabbalat Shabbat

7:30 p.m. Meet & Greet

8:00 p.m. 5 course feast


There is only room for 60 friends. $18 registration required. Tickets will not last!

register now







74 Corey Road, Second Floor, Brighton, MA 02135

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Feb 19


Sun. festivities (Mar. 16)PURIM_THUMB

Feast fit for royalty at JPULSE! Celebrate PURIM Sun., afternoon, Mar. 15th.

  • Music
  • Roast carving station
  • Sushi
  • JP’s famous chicken
  • Assorted salads
  • Single Malt and more
  • Sammy Adams


3:30 Game on

5:00 p.m. Megillah reading


Suggested donation $10 (click here or just come!).


This event is sponsored in part by Samuel Adams Brewery.



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Jan 29

The biggest football play of the year…no doubt.

Sometimes we are so focused on being heroic that we totally miss the ball. Get your tissues ready and watch until the end and learn how to care from a high school football team.

“The one who runs away from honor, honor runs after him.”  — Babylonian Talmud



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Jan 17

“Dating advice from the sages” w Rabbi Lawrence Keleman

Dating iconAre you dating? Listen to this MUST HERE compilation of sagely dating advice from Rabbi Lawrence Keleman. This one hour compilation of talks could save you days, months, years, or even a lifetime of struggle.

The following topics are covered:

  1. Part I
  2. Four levels of love
  3. Four principles to guide your choice in a marriage partner
  4. To wait or not to wait and financial factors in dating
  5. Hard truths about contemporary realities
  6. Sexiness versus beauty
  7. After the wedding – grasping the keys to a great marriage
  8. Popping the question and planning the wedding

If you would like to discuss any of these topics in person, please send an email to: katz@jewishpulseboston



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Jan 16

Who controls YOUR heart?

Do you control your heart’s desires? Can you actually control what you desire? Join us at JPULSE  tonight for an insightful talk on love, lust and jealousy all from this weeks Torah portion.

Followed by a stew and a brew.

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