JP Katz

Your potential is real.

Don’t live life by inertia. Live your life by design.

Hi, I’m J.P. I’ve been working with young professionals for more than a decade helping thousands of people take meaningful steps towards identifying and actualizing their goals in life, their true potential and start living happier, healthier and more meaningful lives.

My Passion

At the core we are all the same but in actuality we are all so very different. Herd psychology has more of an impact on us than we’d like to admit. We are influenced beyond measure by our environment, especially in a digital age. Can we really distill the individual self?

Too many people live a life of inertia without pausing to think let alone change. It isn’t a question of religiosity. Everyone deserves to live a life by design yet most people don’t take the time to identify what that would even look like. We passionately deliver a tailored approach to Judaism and personal growth with the only agenda being to deliver value every time. My passion is to listen deeply in order to help you discover your inner world and take actionable steps towards actualizing your true potential. 


My Values & Beliefs

You are a unique and amazing soul.

We often get caught up in superficialities and loose the thread of life. The technology of Torah helps humans build healthier perspectives and frameworks to maximize what little time we have in this world.

Judaism is not a cookie cutter system

There is no one size fits all and we all have different aspirations, insecurities and talents. Much like a vessel comes in different shapes and holds the water, so too people are uniquely different but the Torah is universal.

Every individual deserves to be heard and treated as an individual.

My agenda is your agenda. I listen deeply to who you are and try to help you achieve your goals. I used to do 80% talking and 20% listening. Now it’s closer to 20% talking and 80% listening. You are an individual and in order to deliver the most value we need to listen deeply to what is most relevant to your world right now.

My agenda is to be helpful

I don’t have an agenda to measure one’s religious observance. I do have an agenda to help people actualize their potential and believe that everyone is capable of far more than they can imagine. Often times people don’t even realize their potential or what holds them back from actualizing themselves. 

Each person is an entire world

Perspective and mindset is so crucial yet so often overlooked. Goals are deeply important in determining our state of hapiness and fulfillment at any given time yet a healthy approach can make it or break it. Life isn’t a 100 yard dash. It is a symphony of music filled with resonance and disonance. You get to choose the theme music. Is your life a drama? A comedy? Action thriller? Or perhaps some alternative genre? Before you spend decades sprinting its worth while to calibrate your g.p.s.

My Approach

Can’t explain, you need to experience it. No pressure at all but if you’d like to jump on a zoom or meet up in person let me know. I would be happy to hear more about you and your goals  and see if its a good fit for us to work together.

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