Celebrating Judaism.

Connecting…one mentsch (person) at a time.

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Celebrate Judaism through an amazing blend of fun social and educational Jewish experiences. Enjoy an atmosphere that is totally laid back, enables Jews of all backgrounds to feel comfy, and relates Judaism to everyone on every and any level.

JPULSE is Jewish People Uniting to Learn, Share, and Explore.


Campus. We are a local, independent, grass-roots, not-for profit committed to “rocking out” both on and off campus. We love international adventures and local Shabbat dinners and events. You can find us sparking the grill for a barbecue, playing a random game of whiffel-ball, or a enjoying a breath of fresh air on a  camping trip. We’re a little bit cheesy at times and a little bit rough around the edges at other. We’re a home away from home for many. We’re a delicious home cooked meal for others. We’re wild and crazy and meaningful trip to Israel. We’re a deeper and different perspective on life that will make you think. We’re here for you.



Grads and professionals.  Tailor made Judaism. Between our Shabbat tables and our learning programs, you’ll choose your perfect blend of timeless wisdom and experiences.

We give you the opportunity to investigate what Judaism says about some of life’s most challenging questions, understand a new depth of the Jewish holidays, delve into any topic of your choice, or simply tap into a timeless wisdom. There is something for everyone.

Taste the majesty of Shabbos and meet other young Jewish adults in a meaningful way. Enjoy a delicious 5 course Friday night feast with friends old and new or hit us up for cup of coffee or ice-cream at your convenience during the week.

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Alternatively, if you’d prefer, we can meet up at your local campus, office, or coffee shop. Email us or call 617-849-8483.